Endorsement by a happy customer

On Sunday 21 October

Mr. Wong’s palms before using Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand 100% Farm Crocodile Oil

Mr. Ken Wong’s palm after applying Chop Wah On Crocodile Oil for 3 days

2018 Mr Ken Wong accompanied a lady to our retail outlet at No. 34, Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340. Tel : 62234349 to buy some medicated oils. Our staff noticed that the skin on  his palms and arms were severely dry and innumerable pieces of skin flaks were stuck on his palms.  He said  that he had seen a General Practitioner who prescribed him steroid cream. It aggravated his condition. He also consulted a TCM Skin Specialist in People’s Park. While the cream from this TCM Physician helped improved his condition, the skin flakes on his palms were impossible to remove completely.

Our staff recommended that Mr. Wong tries applying Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand 100% Farm Crocodile Oil (华安握手商标100% 鳄 鱼油. Initially Mr. Wong appeared rather sceptical and reluctant. After some persuasion Mr. Wong agreed to apply some of our brand of crocodile oil to his arms and palms. He felt better after a while and decided to buy a bottle of Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand 100% Farm Crocodile Oil to try.

On Wednesday 24 October 2018, Mr. Wong came to our shop again. He looked a much happier man. He showed us his palms and arms they showed amazing improvement. We were very happy for Mr. Wong that our brand of crocodile oil is helping Mr. Wong. He bought another 2 bottles of crocodile oil. He also volunteered to have photos of himself and his palms and arms taken. When he reached home, Mr. Wong WhatsApp two photos to show the condition of his palms on 21 October 2018 before he started to apply our crocodile oil and another on 24th October 2018 which showed vast improvement.


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