Skin Series


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Crocodile Oil

Rejuvenate your skin. Crocodile Oil heals wounds and damaged skin. A 100% natural and wholesome product that serves both medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Works best for: Skin problems and wounds.

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Conquer All Demons Tea Tree Rejuvenation Cream

Effective in combatting bacterial and fungal infections such as white spot, athlete’s foot and toe nail infections.

Works best for: Bacterial and Fungal infections of the skin.



Shake Hand Brand Wah On Nutmeg Cream

Relieves skin irritation. Our nutmeg cream is a cosmetic grade, 100% natural product that cleans and protects your skin.

Works best for: Dry or itchy skin and blemishes.

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Shake Hand Brand Ti-Tree Oil Max

For treatment of bacterial infections such as Athlete’s foot. Also good for skin irritation, eczema and toenail infections.

Works best for: Athlete’s foot and toenail infections.