Traditional Remedies

Shake Hand Brand Eucalyptus Embrocation

An antiseptic liniment that counters pain from rheumatism and stiff muscles. Also relieves symptoms of cough and common cold.

Works best for: Cough and common cold.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Red Flower Oil

Effective relief for muscle aches, cramps, sprains and stomachaches. Stop bleeding and relieves pain.

Works best for: Rheumatism and muscle aches.


Citronella Oil

A natural mosquito repellant. Also great as a relaxing and calming massage oil.

Works best for: Repelling mosquitoes.

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Shake Hand Brand Rawang Embrocation

A warm muscle rub that relieves backaches, stiff muscles, rheumatism and cramps.

Works best for: Rheumatism and cramps.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Minyak Gosok

A soothing oil for relieving stomachaches. Also stops bleeding and heals burns. Suitable for use even with infants.

Works best for: Stomachaches, burns and bleeding.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Nutmeg Embrocation

Provides relief for stomachaches and skin irritation.

Works best for: Stomachaches.


Shake Hand Brand Wah On Conquer All Demons Minyak Gosok

Great for backaches, cramps, sprains, bruises, itchiness, sores and insect bites.

Works best for: Sores and insect bites.