The following testimonials were written by our customers in the guest book in our shop. They are 100% genuine and reviewers have obtained no benefit from writing them.

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100%

    • See What Our Customers Say About Our Crocodile Oil

Mr. Wong’s palms before using Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand 100% Farm Crocodile Oil

Mr. Ken Wong’s palm after applying Chop Wah On Crocodile Oil for 3 days


Crocodile Oil

  • “My eczema was healed within a week… no more itch”
  • “Very effective for acne… acne recovery <- no scars! Skin quality is much better”

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Eucalypthol Balm

    • Eucalypthol Balm – Our Loyal Customers’ “Must Buy” Product – Both Locals & Overseas


Eucalypthol Balm

  • “Excellent in travel kit for… pain and water retention. Very good for stomachaches and insect bite, particularly mosquitoes. Recommended to all people young and old…”
  • “… it’s very good for cramps.”

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Lao Feng Luo Luo Oil

    • Huo Luo Oil – The support and praises of our satisfied customers from far and near

Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil

  • “Huo Luo Oil has worked wonders for me. It has taken care of all my muscular aches and pains. Thank you so much.”
  • “As a Fedex courier, I do a lot of running for deliveries/pickups. This relieving oil (Huo Luo Oil) works superbly. Thank you!”



Nutmeg Cream

  • “When she used Wah On Nutmeg Cream, her eczema cured…”
  • “Very good for sensitive skin, cuts, healing, pigmentation, insect bites, dry skin… hive and rashes and itch…”


Conquer All Demons Qian Li Balm

  • “I had a severe muscle pull in my neck and left shoulder which left me in severe pain… When I applied Conquer All Demons regularly I recovered after 6 weeks without physiotherapy or consulting the doctor. Thank you!”


Citronella Oil

  • “I returned again for a 2nd bottle of Citronella Oil. My friends loves the fragrance and the all natural ingredients.”