The following testimonials were written by our customers in the guest book in our shop. They are 100% genuine and the writers have written their testimonials to share their experience and benefits from using our products. They are not paid any money for doing so.

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100%

    • See What Our Customers Say About Our Crocodile Oil

Mr. Wong’s palms before using Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand 100% Farm Crocodile Oil

Mr. Ken Wong’s palm after applying Chop Wah On Crocodile Oil for 3 days


Crocodile Oil

  • “My eczema was healed within a week… no more itch”
  • “Very effective for acne… acne recovery <- no scars! Skin quality is much better”

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Eucalypthol Balm

    • Eucalypthol Balm – Our Loyal Customers’ “Must Buy” Product – Both Locals & Overseas


Eucalypthol Balm

  • “Excellent in travel kit for… pain and water retention. Very good for stomachaches and insect bite, particularly mosquitoes. Recommended to all people young and old…”
  • “… it’s very good for cramps.”

Chop Wah On Shake Hand Brand Lao Feng Luo Luo Oil

    • Huo Luo Oil – The support and praises of our satisfied customers from far and near

Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil

  • “Huo Luo Oil has worked wonders for me. It has taken care of all my muscular aches and pains. Thank you so much.”
  • “As a Fedex courier, I do a lot of running for deliveries/pickups. This relieving oil (Huo Luo Oil) works superbly. Thank you!”



Nutmeg Cream

  • “When she used Wah On Nutmeg Cream, her eczema cured…”
  • “Very good for sensitive skin, cuts, healing, pigmentation, insect bites, dry skin… hive and rashes and itch…”


Conquer All Demons Qian Li Balm

  • “I had a severe muscle pull in my neck and left shoulder which left me in severe pain… When I applied Conquer All Demons regularly I recovered after 6 weeks without physiotherapy or consulting the doctor. Thank you!”


Citronella Oil

  • “I returned again for a 2nd bottle of Citronella Oil. My friends loves the fragrance and the all natural ingredients.”