Singapore’s Oldest Medicated Oil and Balm Manufacturer

Singapore’s First and Largest manufacturer of crocodile oil

The Singapore Book of Records confirmed the above statements in a certificate which they awarded to us.

We guard our reputation as a more than century old family business jealously. The formulas of all our products are tightly kept secrets known only to immediate family members.

We ensure the quality of all our products are "best in class" and consistent.

Our prices are always competitive.

Serving our customers since 1916

Relieve, Remedy & Rejuvenate Yourself With Our Products

We have a range of 25 products for your various needs and wants.

Our products are excellent heritage MADE-IN-SINGAPORE gifts

for family and friends overseas.

Why Choose Chop Wah On ?

  • Trusted By Generations of Customers

    Founded in 1916, we are  Singapore’s oldest established medicated oil and balm Company. Our products have been trusted by generations of customers, both locally and overseas. Time-proven for more than a century.  Tried and tested by tens of thousands of customers.

  • Our Products Are “Best-In-Class”

    At Chop Wah On, we make it our corporate mission to produce only products which are “best-in-class”. Thus, you can be sure you are getting the best

  • A Wide Range of Products For Your Needs

    With a range of  more than 25 products, one or more of our products should suit your needs

  • Excellent Singapore Heritage Gifts

    Our products make  excellent Made-In-Singapore heritage  gifts for family and friends overseas. The gesture shows you care for their health and well-being.

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Our Flagship Products

Crocodile Oil
Shake Hand Brand Honey Bee Apitherapy
Shake Hand Brand Wah On Eucalypthol Balm
Shake Hand Brand Wah On Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil

Let Us Guide You On What’s Most Suitable For You.



From family members and friends , you may have heard about the uses and efficacies of our various products.



You will probably be curious what are our products and what are they good for.



You may have a desire or wish to try if any of our products may be useful for your bodily aches and pains or skin-related problems. 



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  • No. 34, Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340 ( A 3-Storey Conservation Shophouse - Painted In Green & White )

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