Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100% (華安握手商標鰐魚油)


A natural substance extracted from selected fatty tissue of crocodiles using our secret  special  proprietary process. For treating Skin Conditions & Beauty Treament; for Scalds, Cuts and other conditions.


A natural substance extracted from selected fatty tissue of crocodiles using our secret special proprietary process. It has been used for centuries by different cultures as a substance for skin conditions.

Product Introduction

Importance Of Getting The Right Brand

Not  all crocodile oil which are in the market are the same. There are more than 10 different brands of crocodile oil available in Singapore alone. Of these at least 2 brands claimed to be crocodile oil but the composition stated in their labels  clearly confirmed they contain no crocodile oil at all . Some other brands have crocodile oil adulterated with other liquids of dubious origin. Some brands import what is  purported to be crocodile oil from neighbouring countries in bulk and bottle them in Singapore  – not knowing or caring if the bulk bottles actually contain crocodile oil.

At Chop Wah On, we  produce our Shake Hand Brand Wah On Farm Crocodile Oil 100% from scratch. We import selected crocodile fats from Cites-approved crocodile farms in the region. Using our special secret proprietary process, we extract and retain all the efficacies and goodness of crocodile oil. What our customers get is 100% crocodile oil – nothing less.    Thus, it is important to purchase the right brand of crocodile oil because not all crocodile oils are made the same.  Shake Hand Brand Wah On Farm Crocodile Oil is the first to be produced in Singapore and our Company is the largest manufacturer of crocodile oil in Singapore. A brand that you can definitely trust.

Through our decades of experience in  producing crocodile oil, we have developed a special secret proprietary process which enables us to extract and retain  all the efficacies and goodness of crocodile oil.

The Science of Crocodile Oil

Crocodile oil has the same composition as  human skin in terms. The only difference is in the proportion of the different constituents. Because of this, crocodile oil is rarely allergenic when applied to the human skin provided the producer did not add any harmful ingredients/additive to the crocodile oil. There are many claims of positive results from using crocodile oil. It includes fading of freckles, treatment of acne and pimple marks, wrinkles etc. It is said also to control rashes and dryness. Crocodile oil is said also to have anti-ageing, anti-fungal and anti-bacterail effect which are being studied by researchers.

Many of our customers have given very strong testimonials  on  the efficacies of  our brand of crocodile oil (Shake Hand Brand Wah On Farm Crocodile Oil) for eczema, scalds, skin repair/wound healing, beauty treatment, etc.


How To Use ?

Crocodile Oil can be used both for skin conditions and as a beauty treatment.

For Treating Skin Conditions & Beauty Treatment

–  Recommended to store your bottle of Shake Hand Brand Wah On Crocodile Oil 100%  (“Crocodile Oil”) in the refrigerator. Take it out for use anytime and place it back in the refrigerator after use. There are 2  benefits : (a) the bottle of crocodile oil will keep longer  (b) you will use less of it as the congealed Crocodile Oil will not splatter. In case it is difficult to pump out the congealed Crocodile Oil, place the bottle into a small amount of warm water to warm up the Crocodile Oil to let it be pumped out more easily.

–  Cleanse affected part with a little Shake Hand Brand Wah On Nutmeg Cream or with some water. Wipe off the  Nutmeg Cream or water and dab dry. Apply a small amount of Crocodile Oil onto the affected part and leave to dry. Can repeat 1-2 times each day.

For Scalds, Cuts and other conditions

–  Cleanse affected part with clean running tap water. Dab dry and apply Crocodile Oil liberally onto the wound to stop bleeding. Lightly bandage or cover wound. Repeat treatment the next day until wound shows signs of recovery.


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