Shake Hand Brand Rawang Oil ( 握手商標華安栳風油)


For back and knee pain. Fast and long lasting  relief.

Fast and long lasting relief. An aromatic and analgesic medicated oil that gives a warm and long lasting relief. Recommended for back, knee and joint pain.

Product Introduction:

Rawang Embrocation is an Aromatic, Therapeutic, Analgesic, Counter-Irritant, Healing & Reviving medicated oil. Made from a delicate blend of the various essential oils, Rawang Embrocation has been used by tens of thousands of our loyal customers for a century.


Can be used for rheumatic pain, cramps, stiff muscles and joints, back & knee pain.

How To Use:

Apply a sufficient amount onto  the affected part and massage gently and tap briskly with fingers. If necessary, apply onto the spine/back bone and maassage well.  Best used  before going to sleep. Repeat treatment in the day if necessary.


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