Shake Hand Brand Miracle CrocOil Facial Sheet Mask (握手商標奇跡水光鰐魚油面膜 – 天然蠶絲面膜


Nourishes and moisturises skin. Improves complexion, skin texture and reduces wrinkles.


Product Introduction

The face is exposed to the elements of the weather everyday. With the harsh sunshine and the dirt and grime of the environment, the delicate  facial skin will suffer the ill-effects of dryness, aging and dullness very soon if left unchecked.

What is needed is a moisturising and rejuvenating treatment to reverse and reduce these harmful effects.Each box of  Miracle CrocOil Facial Sheet Mask (“CrcocOil Mask”) comprises 5 quality natural silk sheets immersed in Shake Hand Brand Wah On Crocodile Oil 100% and a combination of high efficacy moisturising, nutritious and rejuvenating essence.

How To Use

Rinse face and neck  with some clean tap water and dab dry. Slit open the packet containing a “CrocOil Mask”. Take out the “CrocOil Mask” and lay it onto the face , ensuring that the surface of the “CrocOil Mask” touches the face as much as possible. Apply the excess fluid in the packet onto the neck region. Leave mask on for about  an hour to allow the goodness of “CrocOil Mask” be absorbed into the skin in  the face and neck region. Rinse face and neck with clean water.

You will be pleased to see the visible improvements in your face and neck. Can repeat treatment one or two times more in the week.


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