Shake Hand Brand Wah On Eucalypthol Balm (握手商標華安駆風鎮痛膏)


A Cold Soothing Rub: An Effective Balm for fast relief of all painful conditions, especially of the neck/shoulder, itchiness and insect bites.

An excellent uplift to the dreary requirement to wear mask – so refreshing and aromatic. Help improve effectiveness of mask – anti bacterial & anti viral.

Product Introduction

Shake Hand Brand Wah On Eucalypthol Balm is one of our best sellers. A favourite of both young and old users. This versatile Balm is colourless and non-staining. Its refreshing aromatic fragrance is much appreciated by many users.


1. As a muscle and neck/shoulder relaxing rub; also for relief of itchiness and insect bite;

2. Used on mask to freshen up and improve anti-bacterial, anti-viral filtering  functions of the mask.

How To Use

  1. Apply sufficient amount of the Balm onto the affected part and massage gently in a circular motion. Tap briskly to stimulate absorption. Repeat treatment as required.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Balm onto the external surface of the mask and inhale deeply to enjoy the refreshing aroma. Replenish Balm on mask when aroma has reduced.


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